STARTUP HEURISTICS – “The 18 Rules of Startup Strategy”

Startup heuristics
Startup Strategy

Heuristics are rules of thumb that are derived from experience or generally accepted truths, where formal empirical methodology may be impractical. Heuristics of often seen in the field HCI/Usability where heuristics guide the design of user experience. A design is then tested and optimized through user feedback and A/B testing but heuristics are helpful for developing initial prototypes and for guiding intelligent A/B hypotheses, which expedite the process of arriving at an effective design. Similarly, we believe the process of designing a startup business can be made more efficient with the support of an effective heuristics model. Lean methodology can then be used to fine tune product-market fit.

Below are 18 heuristics that represent a comprehensive view of all of the facets a startup founder needs to consider when developing a startup.  We’ve broken these into 6 groupings to provide better context. [Continue reading]

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